• 09 Feb
    Europe Is A Long Term Ticking Time Bomb

    Europe Is A Long Term Ticking Time Bomb

    • Europe is made up of many countries, which means there are even more politicians that just want to get reelected creating an immense short term attitude.
    • Don’t buy Europe just because it underperformed the S&P 500, and don’t buy European debt at single digit yields.
    • Tightening won’t work as many countries have an average debt to GDP ratio above 85%, therefore there is a high chance that the Euro remains weak for longer.


    The IMF just reported that the situation in Greece is getting better, but the debt is unsustainable. This contradictory as it implies a long term catastrophe and short term positivity. I’m flabbergasted on a daily basis by the incapacity or unwillingness of the financial world and monetary institutions to look at the long term.

    That’s why I’m here. To warn you about impending catastrophes and perhaps even increase your returns in the process. More →