Gold Miners

  • 30 May
    Why You Want Gold Miners In Your Portfolio Now

    Why You Want Gold Miners In Your Portfolio Now

    • Investing 5% of your portfolio in gold miners offers you the potential for a twenty-fold upside while the downside is just the invested 5%.
    • A macroeconomic analysis shows that there is a high chance that the FED won’t be able to significantly increase interest rates or trim its balance sheet.
    • More quantitative easing—similar to what is still going on in Europe and Japan—would easily bring gold above $2,000 per ounce. In that case, I wouldn’t exclude 1,000% jumps for miners.


    Lately I’ve been mentioning in a few articles how gold, especially gold miners, are a good hedge for a portfolio. My idea is that if you own gold miners with 5% of your portfolio, you are relatively well protected against whatever surprises we might see coming from the economy. More →

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