• 20 Jun
    Dividend Aristocrats: Should You Buy?

    Dividend Aristocrats: Should You Buy?

    • Stock picking amid dividend aristocrats should give even better results.
    • Dividend aristocrats come from recession-proof industry sectors.
    • PE ratios vary from 11 to 155 and dividend yields from 0.4% to 6.5%.


    A company receives the title of ‘dividend aristocrat’ when it has continuously increased its dividend for the last 25 or more years. This means that the company manages to go through recessions and market shocks with a growing, healthy cash flow that enables constant dividend increases. More →

  • 15 Jun
    If Stocks Are Risky, What About Bonds?

    If Stocks Are Risky, What About Bonds?

    • Yields should be the main factor when choosing whether to invest in bonds or stocks.
    • As yields cannot go much lower, bonds become risky too.
    • Historically any significant increase in bond yields brings to negative returns.


    It is almost common knowledge that in the long term stocks outperform bonds as bonds are less risky and therefore have lower yields. But if we look at the question from the title of this article from a long term perspective where stocks always outperform, then there is no risk in investing in stocks as eventually you will be rewarded with higher returns. And this is exactly the current market’s perception on the stocks vs. bonds issue. More →

    By Sven Carlin Bonds Investiv Daily Stocks
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