• 14 May
    Can You Hear The Economic Warning Bells Ringing?

    Can You Hear The Economic Warning Bells Ringing?

    A quick investment perspective on the current economic news will give us insight into what to do with our portfolio, what the best risk reward portfolio allocation is at this point in time, and what one can expect to happen.

    I’ll look at U.S. economic data, emerging market yields, and touch on Italy which is becoming a bigger and bigger risk.

    Economic Data – Strong, But Also Weak

    The headline consumer price index came in at 2.5% which is good, but might lead to higher interest rates which is a dance that has to stop at some point. More →

  • 02 Sep
    Bonds, Ratings and Yields, Oh My…

    Bonds, Ratings and Yields, Oh My…

    • Credit ratings are very subjective and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.
    • Junk bond yields have been declining since January, but their volatility represents a huge risk.
    • Be careful with international bonds as you might be exposed to greater risk for lower yields.


    Last week we discussed how dangerous common retirement advice can be. Currently, One of the biggest risks comes from the low yields on bonds because any kind of interest rate increases would immediately lower bond values which might have a severe impact on your retirement. But as there are many types of bonds, today we are going to discuss and compare the various yields and the risks involved within bond investing. More →