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  • 02 Oct
    Iron Ore Stocks Are Hot, But Are They Really A Good Buy?

    Iron Ore Stocks Are Hot, But Are They Really A Good Buy?

    • Iron ore prices are relatively high, therefore, don’t expect earnings and dividend stability.
    • An analysis of mining costs shows the balance price for the metal. Trade iron ore miners around that balance price.
    • Vale’s mining costs per ton will go as low as $8.


    Iron ore miners currently being praised as stable companies with low valuations, high earnings, and dividends, has really taken me by surprise.

    But that’s how the market thinks. Short term, short term, short term, and a stock is a good buy only when it’s at multi-year highs because it’s the market performance that determines the quality, not the fundamentals. More →

  • 16 Jan
    Gruesome Industries For Trading, Not Investing

    Gruesome Industries For Trading, Not Investing

    • Even if the industry has wonderful growth numbers, profitability might remain out of reach.
    • We’ll define and describe the industries long term investors should avoid.


    Most of you are familiar with Warren Buffet’s comment on the airline industry in his 2007 letter to shareholders:

    “The worst sort of business is one that grows rapidly, requires significant capital to engender the growth, and then earns little or no money. Think airlines. Here a durable competitive advantage has proven elusive ever since the days of the Wright Brothers. Indeed, if a farsighted capitalist had been present at Kitty Hawk, he would have done his successors a huge favor by shooting Orville down.”

    Now, most connect the above statement only to the airline industry. However, in a deflationary environment where our youngsters expect lots of things for free—think WhatsApp—and extremely low interest rates, there will be more industries where shareholder wealth creation will be difficult to achieve.

    In today’s article, we’ll define and analyze some of these industries. More →