Temporal Diversification

  • 21 Jun
    Diversification vs. Concentration

    Diversification vs. Concentration

    • Index funds and diversification have worked extremely well in the past 35 years, however their success can be thanked to geography, as we hear only about the success in the U.S., and to declining interest rates.
    • If the S&P 500 had the same earnings yield as when the Vanguard fund gained traction, it would be at 557 points, yes 77% below current levels.
    • It’s better to wait in cash than buy a diversified index fund now.


    Some investment gurus advocate spreading your portfolio across various asset classes in order to limit your risks for the same return. On the other hand, others say diversification is for idiots and for those who don’t know what they’re doing. I’ll analyze their arguments and see what the best option is for you. More →

  • 08 Jun
    How To Invest For Your Children Or Grandchildren

    How To Invest For Your Children Or Grandchildren

    • Whether investing for children or retirement, the goal is to maximize portfolio value at a specific future date, not now or in the next six months.
    • Be wary of fees as they eat up a huge part of your future wealth. I’ll show how to avoid them.
    • Temporal diversification and buying companies that create value will do wonders over time.


    Our greatest treasure is, of course, our kids. I’m a proud father for six months now and I must say that every day since my child was born has been the most beautiful day of my life.

    In that spirit, I want to provide the best possible environment for my kid to grow up, but also to enable him to do everything he wants when he is older. This has me, and probably many other parents or grandparents, already thinking about college tuition money, start-up capital for a business venture, helping with the down payment for a house, or simply paying for a wedding or a honey-moon. The notion that you can build a substantial nest-egg with small monthly payments is very attractive to me and will also provide a great educational experience to my kid as it will show him how small actions over a long period of time can bring huge results. More →

  • 21 Feb
    Buffett Put $12 Billion On Stocks, But He Didn’t Buy Into <i>This</i> Market

    Buffett Put $12 Billion On Stocks, But He Didn’t Buy Into This Market

    • Stocks grew on positive sentiment after Buffett disclosed his optimism and spent $12 billion.
    • His purchases included Apple, and an extremely cheap sector.
    • Passive investing without thinking is what allows for such heterogeneity in valuations. For investors like Buffett, it’s easy money.


    At the end of January, market bulls rejoiced when Warren Buffet disclosed in a Charlie Rose interview that he had bought $12 billion of stocks since Trump’s election. Since then, the market has jumped another 3% on positive sentiment as even the greatest low risk investors of them all is buying into this market.

    A few days ago, however, Berkshire Hathaway disclosed—in their obligatory holding statement—what Buffett actually bought. This, of course, hasn’t been as publicized as has the fact that he bought $12 billion of stocks, but as always, journalists prefer to focus more on what’s sexy than on what’s important.

    Let’s see if we can learn something from what the Oracle of Omaha has been buying in this market which is constantly breaching all-time highs. More →

  • 14 Sep
    Diversify Like The Big Boys Do

    Diversify Like The Big Boys Do

    • Temporal diversification diversifies your portfolio through time by buying only the assets that are cheap at the moment and avoiding the ones in a bubble.
    • By buying in cycle troughs you enjoy high-dividend yields that allow you to buy other assets that are in temporal distress.
    • This high yield lowers the need to sell and lowers your tax bill.


    Today we’ll introduce you to a new concept—“temporal diversification,” a term that has begun to gain traction, especially in academic circles—that isn’t yet common knowledge but is already being used by the best investors. Using the example of Berkshire Hathaway, we’ll provide an overview of the concept of temporal diversification and will provide some ideas for increasing your returns by diversifying your portfolio not just for the current moment, but for your whole investing life. More →