Meet Investiv Daily's Thomas Moore.

Thomas Moore’s experience in the stock market extends over more than twenty-five years, covering two recessions and three major bull markets.
A survivor of the “dot-com bust” at the dawn of the new millennium that wiped out many mutual fund investors, Thomas branched his experience and education into a variety of trading markets, including foreign exchange and commodities, but ultimately found his place in the equities market, using stocks and stock options to build the foundation of his personal investing system.
As a market educator, author, and analyst, Thomas has provided the tools and knowledge for thousands of people across North America to start their own investing careers and forge their own paths to financial freedom for more than fifteen years.
In addition to his work for Investiv Daily, Thomas is also the author of A Trade for All Seasons, which outlines his own personal investing system using stocks and options, and using the principles established in that book, he publishes weekly trades to Investiv’s Rebel Income subscription-based newsletter and boasts one of the most impressive track records in the industry.
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