Meet Investiv Daily's Sven Carlin.

Sven Carlin, PhD has developed his passion for investing both on the academic and on the professional field. He has gained a PhD in finance by creating a Real Value Risk Model for emerging markets which has proved better than the Fama And French Three Factor Model and the Capital Asset Pricing Model.
He still has a foot in Academics and teaches finance and accounting at the International Business School of Amsterdam. The teaching helps in keeping one’s feet always on the ground as the constant discussing of history and theory gives a clear indication on whether the current markets are rational.
On the professional side, Sven is involved in managing two hedge funds in the Netherlands ( for Dutch professional investors only) and contributes daily financial analysis at Investiv. His previous roles included financial analysis at the Dow Chemical and research at Bloomberg.
On the investing side, Sven has one specialty and that is profit. Follow Investiv Daily and learn about interesting opportunities for profit and how to avoid unnecessary risks.
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